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Last 10LBs: Round II

After reaching my goal of 130LBs in the summer I felt amazing but like I still wanted to go that littler bit further. I continued eating right and exercising but not really focusing on losing the weight - more so just enjoying life.

Fast forward to now and all I want is to shred those pounds off but I’m finding it so hard! I’d always heard that these are the hardest both physically and mentally but now I totally get it. I think my biggest problem is food. Not eating poorly because I rarely eat junk anymore, it’s 100% the amount I eat! I’ve been exercising 2x a day, ain’t no way it’s the lack of exercise!

…And that was my little rant on why these last 10LBs are infuriating me and need to go away. 

This can and will happen.

XO Fit, Fab, & Flirty

Focus on the positives!

Focus on the positives!



Bagel & Lox with a Twist

I guess it’s not really a twist because I still used salmon, but for breakfast I did the usual bagel, cream cheese, onion, lemon, and instead of smoked salmon I used some left overs from the other night!

Still equally amazing and was a fun change for breakie. 

By the way, everyone should by these bagels!

They’re made by President’s Choice and they’re only 160 calories and come in lots of different options - I chose multi grain. They’re not too doughy but they’re also not like eating a piece of cardboard. They’re perfect!

So go buy some. Now.

XO Fit, Fab, & Flirty 



Last Night’s Cocktail: Grapefruit and Blood Orange Juice mixed with Perrier, Vodka, and Fresh Berries. 

Last Night’s Appetizer: Boursin and St. Andre Cheese with Stacey’s Naked Pita Chips. 

Last Night’s Dinner: Barbecued Chicken Breast (Bone In) with Vinaigrette Salad.

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Afternoon of Boating

Greetings from Georgian Bay!

This afternoon my family and I decided to beat the heat by heading out on our boat to jump in the lake. I’ve always had this problem with just jumping in, I do it that slow and painful way and I really can’t say why, but when we’re on the boat you just need to do it. So I faced up to this weird fear and did it - it was so warm, it was unbelievable

Here are the two marine hounds; Rusty and Kiwi. Rusty is just learning to swim so he’s got his life jacket on but he’s doing super well!

After about 2 hours we headed back to the mainland to start prepping for dinner. Overall it was such a fun time and I absolutely adore going out on my boat and enjoying the water! Can’t wait to do it again tomorrow.

XO Fit, Fab, & Flirty

Last Night’s Dinner: Soy Sauce Marinated Salmon with Wasabi Mayo and Asian Salad.

Then the night quickly turned into a family drinking fest with cards included! I lost the game…which resulted in several shots - all enforced by my Mom.

God, I love my fam!

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So helpful for anyone condiment crazy - like me!

So helpful for anyone condiment crazy - like me!

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Tried & True Methods Work Best For Losing Weight

Tried and true methods work best for losing weight If you’re trying to slim down for summer, new study findings suggest you’ll do better if you stay clear of popular diets and diet foods. According to the study, successful “losers” followed tried and true methods: they ate less fat, exercised more and some joined a weight loss program.

Beach Bums

Yesterday was super duper nice out so the BF and I decided to head down to The Beaches for a long walk and lunch out! It was so crazy busy but we finally found parking and headed out to find a place to dine. 

We landed on Mars Diner, which isn’t the healthiest option but it definitely wasn’t the worst. I got this Grilled Chicken Club with Avocado on dark rye bread and Sweet Potato Fries! It was amazing but obviously huge, so I had one half and the boyfriend devoured the other. He’s the best to dine with because we always get our moneys worth!

Now get out there and enjoy the last little bit of Summer because Fall is on our doorstep!

XO Fit, Fab, & Flirty



Last Night’s Dinner: Salmon Cake on Wild Rice & Quinoa with a Tomato, Cucumber, and Boccaccini salad.

Last Night’s Dinner: Salmon Cake on Wild Rice & Quinoa with a Tomato, Cucumber, and Boccaccini salad.

Get Down, Get Dirty: Mud Hero 2012

Yesterday marked my second mud run of the summer and I had an awesome time! It was only 6K but it had 17 obstacles, which I thought was absolutely crazy.

This is my friend Molly…she’s clearly impressed with my muscles. She didn’t train too hard for the race because her work schedule is nuts, so she kept telling me to leave her but I refused! I wanted to do it with her, not beat her.

These are two of the obstacles! I loved that part of the race went through the area where all of the viewers were because there was extra support. Plus it’s nice getting photos of some of the events!

We did it! I think our final time is going to be around 50 minutes. Like I said I think I could’ve been around 15 minutes faster because I wasn’t even tired by the end but I was happy to help her along!

Overall, I had such a great time and I can’t wait to do the mother of all mud runs next year: The Tough Mudder!

XO Fit, Fab, & Flirty